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FocuScience is for primary and secondary students aged from 5 to 16 years old. Teachers, tutors, and parents can use FocuScience to supplement their science lessons.

We scaffold learning. In other words, we follow the learning process starting with a video introduction, summarizing with text or a mind map, providing interactive exercises with the material, and quizzing the students with a mini-game.

Gamification reinforces a sense of accomplishment for students by boosting them to the next level of learning once they achieve an academic goal. Gamification gives students the incentive to succeed. Therefore, gamification rewards students’ with new challenges and activities.

FocuScience is responsive. It works on any screen. You can use it on a mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Yes. FocuScience supports research that scaffolding is an essential teaching method. In other words, students learn step by step through a conceptual, procedural, strategic and metacognitive process. Students retain what they learn because they govern their learning and get immediate feedback along the way.